Course Code: DE002


To incorporate the fundamental skills for academic research with human values.
To facilitate the thought process through communicative, empirical and arithmetic skill.

About the Department of Mathematics

The department came into existence in the year 2004 along with the institution itself to teach mathematics for all branches of engineering students. Excellent analytical skills are core to any engineering course and mathematics is an important subject for this. The aim of this department is to make mathematics easy and explain it to the student in an interesting way. The Mathematics Department seeks to prepare students to the degree of having a strong background in skill of logical reasoning, critical thinking and technology in tune with the latest development.

About the Department of Physics

Department of Physics consists of scholastic staff members. With these team members, Department of Physics is producing good result every year.

About the Department of Chemistry

From a small department started in 2004, the Department of Science and Humanities has grown into a major center for teaching and research in Basic Sciences for B.E Students. There are about 35 teaching members in our department. The department also has three strong Ph.D. faculty members with areas of research encompassing all disciplines of S&H. Our Chemistry and Physics department are funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. The Department has independent physics and chemistry laboratories fully equipped with instruments and consumables, and advanced equipments for teaching and research activities.

About the Department of English

The Department of English contributes its ceaseless service in both academic and non-academic activities. As an illustration, the Department of English had performed its best in producing a remarkable result in the first semester by producing an overall pass percentage of 96% in English.   In addition to the prime work nature of teaching, the Department of English concentrates on inculcating the life skills of the students after the regular working hours.

Science & Humanities LAB-Details

The Science & Humanities Department is equipped with a fully-fledged Physics, Chemistry and English Laboratory and meets the need of the students as per Anna University Curriculum. The first year students are trained sufficiently to enhance their practical skills and are also provided hands on experience on sophisticated instruments.

  • Physics Laboratory – Equipped with Ultrasonic Interferometer, Post Office Box, Spectrometer, Carey Foster Bridge, Laser Source, Travelling Microscope
  • Chemistry Laboratory- Equipped with Flame Photometer, Spectro Photometer, TH-Meter, Potentiometer
  • Communication Skills Laboratory
  • DST(Department of Science and Technology)-SERB funded Physics Research Laboratory – Equipped with Spin Coating, Double Distillator, Keithley Meter
  • DST(Department of Science and Technology) funded Chemistry Research Laboratory – Equipped with IKA-R10-Rotary Evaporator, Cryogenic Circulator

Department of Mathematics

S. No Name Designation
1 Mrs.P.Uma Assistant Professor
2 Dr.M.Sattanathan Assistant Professor
3 Mr.C .Meenakshisundar Assistant Professor
4 Ms.S.Mageswari Assistant Professor
5 Ms.M.Vinodhini Assistant Professor
6 Ms.M.Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor
7 Ms.S.Marilakshmi Assistant Professor
8 Mrs.A.Pradeepa Assistant Professor
9 Ms.J.Selvarani Assistant Professor
10 Ms.S.Valarmathi Asst.angProfessor
11 Ms.T.Thanalakshmi Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

S. No Name Designation
1 Dr.R.N.Mariammal Assistant Professor
2 Mr.S.Kumaran Assistant Professor
3 Ms.M.Arul Asha Assistant Professor
4 Ms.M.Noorfathima Assistant Professor
5 Ms.S.Manikandan Assistant Professor
6 Ms.V.Krishnaveni Assistant Professor
7 Mr.S.P.Sheik Abdul Kadhar Class instructor

Department of Chemistry

S. No Name Designation
1 Dr.T.LurthuPushparaj Assistant Professor
2 Mrs.M.R.Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor
3 Mr.A.Mahendran Assistant Professor
4 Mr.S.L.Sathyasaibaba Assistant Professor
5 Ms.M.Lakshmi Assistant Professor
6 Ms.K.Subbu Lakshmi Assistant Professor
7 Ms.M.Ponmathi Assistant Professor
9 Ms.E.Rameshwari Assistant Professor

Department of English

S. No Name Designation
1 Mr.A.Sheik Mohamed Assistant Professor
2 Mr.E.Pradeep Kumar Assistant Professor
3 Mrs.S.KarpagaSubha Assistant Professor
4 Mrs.K.Chandrakala Assistant Professor


  • The overall pass percentage for the odd semester (2014-2015) is 83.1%.
  • Our department helps the students in providing regular aptitude training classes and conducting tests which helps the students during campus recruitment.
  • We are training the students to prepare for competitive exams.
  •  Mrs.P.Uma,Asst.Professor, HOD/Maths and Ms.S.Mageswari, Asst.Professor/Maths have published a book “Mathematics in Aptitude” on 14th March 2015.


  • Over all pass percentage 95.58% in Dec-2014 Anna University, Semester –I also 3 of our staff members secured 100% result.
  • DST-SERB funded Research Laboratory.


  • Over all pass percentage is 94.7% in Dec-2014 Anna University, Semester –I Exam, also 6 of our chemistry staff secure 100% result in Engineering Chemistry-I.


  • Over all pass percentage 94.7% in Dec-2014 Anna University Examinations, Semester –I and 4 of our staff members produced 100% result.

Activities of Mathematics Department

  • Einstein College of Engineering organized orientation programme for the I Year students on 21.07.2014
  • The Faculty Development Programme on “Pedagogy in Teaching Engineering Mathematics” is taken by Dr.S. Dharmarajan, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi on 26th May 2014.
  • Two days workshop is held 22nd& 23rd December 2011. The resource persons Prof.K.N.Renganathan, Retd H.O.D Vivekananda College and Prof.K.N. Visveswarn, Chief Mentor, Hexaarsity, Hexawere Technologies delivered a talk on “Innovative ways of teaching Mathematics”.
  • The Faculty Development Programme on “Mathematical Analysis” is taken by Dr.S. Dharmarajan, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi on 22nd December 2009.
  • The Inter CollegiateFaculty Development Programme is held on 14th February 2009. The Resource person Dr.T.N. Shanmugan, Professor of Mathematics and Director Center for Intellectual Property Rights, Anna University, Chennai delivered the speech about the topic “The Art of being Mathematics Teacher” and another resource person Dr.S. Paul Raj, Associate Professor and NSS Programme Officer, Department of Mathematics, MIT Campus, Anna University Chennai, gave a speech on “Decision making Problem”.

Activities of Physics Department

  • Inauguration of DST-SERB funded Research Laboratory for the project entitled “Fabrication and Investigation of Gas sensors based on p-type MOS/Conducting polymer nanocomposite thin film for the detection of volatile organic compounds” under the Principal investigator Dr. R. N. Mariammal for three years.
  • Youth Red CrossEinstein College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, organized a one day Blood donation camp in the memory of Thiru. AladiAruna, our founder’s 10th anniversary, on 31th December 2014 at Newton Noble Block.

Activities of Chemistry Department

  • Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS), Mumbai Sponsored 2ndNational Conference on “ADVANCED RESEARCH TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY”6th & 7th March, 2015.

Activities of English Department

  • The Department of English has been successfully compiling and giving shape to Voice of Einstein, a quarterly news letter of our college, since 2011.
  • As a part of training, the Department had handled a session on “Group Discussion and Mock Interview” for 3 batches on 18-02-2014.
  • More over, as a special invitee, Mr. A. Sheik Mohamed, HoD/ English handled a workshop session on “Soft Skills” in Mechzcaliber 2015 which was held on 21-02-2015