SEEDS is the Alumni Association of Einstein College of Engineering, Tirunelveli. We welcome you to our website!

SEEDS - A perfect name for an alumni association, all the alumni's were a seed of our institution and now they are sowing back their own seed that they have reaped over a period of time. It is proven fact that a strong Alumni Association is a reason of the success of many leading institutions, like wise SEEDS will prove their worthiness. As the saying goes "we can count the number of seeds in an apple but we can’t count the number apples from the seeds" sure this Alumni Association will prove this saying suits us perfect.

"A short History of SEEDS" Compiled By Mr. A Ezhilvanan

Dear Alumnus,

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to be a part of this Alumni Association formation. Dec 4, 2011 will be marked in the history of our college that this association was formed with the support of wonderful youthful alumni’s of our college. I am in the near future this association will be an integral part of the success of our college at the same time enlightening many rural students by providing education to them. Time to prove the power of youth, today’s youths need proper platform and opportunity to show their solidarity and social sense. Go for it my alumni’s with your heart and deed you all can make a difference.

EYE- Ever Your Ezhil.


"A Message to SEEDS" Compiled By Mr. A Amudhavanan

Dear Alumnus,

It is immense pleasure to be a part of Alumni of Einstein College of Engineering. Though I am part of the Management I am proud and honored to be one among the alumni. The Alumnus is one of the pillars of the institutions. The alumnus establishes and provide brand to the institution. I am sure you will carry the great legacy of the institution by being role model by the serving the society and your organization.

A Amudhavanan.


Alumni club Office bearers Details:


Mr.M.Stephen Raj (2009 passed out)

Vice President:

  • Raghavan Nadar (Mech, 2008 passed out)
  • Mariappan (Mech, 2010 passed out)
  • Sunil Prabakar (Mech, 2012 passed out)


  • J.K.Samuel Moody (ECE, 2009 passed out)


  • G.Manimegla (EEE, 2008 passed out)

NRI coordinator:

  • Feroz (Mech, 2008 passed out)

Joint Secretary:

  • Thirumani Sanakar Narayanan (CSE, 2009 passed out)
  • D.Benhan David (ECE, 2010 passed out)
  • I.Sorimuthu (ECE, 2010 passed out)
  • Vinod Lingesh (EEE, 2010 passed out)
  • Pal vinnarasu (EEE, 2011 passed out)
  • Prabakaran (ECE, 2012 passed out)
  • Ms.Parvathy (ECE, 2013 passed out)
  • Prashanth Nair (Mech, 2014 passed out)

Executive Committee Members:

  • Sami kannan (EEE, 2008 passed out)
  • Balasubramanian (ECE, 2008 passed out)
  • Charles (Mech, 2009 passed out)
  • Arun Kumar (CSE, 2009 passed out)
  • Kathiravan (ECE, 2010 passed out)
  • Shenbagam (CSE, 2010 passed out)
  • Anushya (2011 passed out)
  • Caselo Sneha (MBA, 2011 passed out)
  • Thanoj (2012 passed out)
  • Anushya (2012 passed out)
  • Thangaraj (2013 passed out)
  • Rajesh Seenivasan (2013 passed out)
  • Parvathy (Civil, 2014 passed out)